INTERIOR VIEW OF THE 900 SEATS CAPACITY LIBRARY

Duties of the Chief Librarian i) The College Librarian is in charge of day by day administration of the library services. ii) He is responsible to the Provost in all matters concerning management of the College library

 iii) He ensures the security of the library by making both the staff and students comply with the regulations governing the library operations and services. iv) The Chief Librarian keeps library professionally organized and stocked adequately with up-to date books

v) The officer provides the staff and students with relevant and current information about new learning/ teaching materials in various academic disciplines.

The WAZIRIJUNAIDU LIBRARY The Waziri Junaidu Library is the College main library. It has remained the intellectual power house of the College. The library was established with the College in 1970. The management also provided some academic departments with unit (Departmental) libraries. The College library is currently undergoing physical expansion as a result of increase in the academic programmers’ and student enrolment in both NCE and Undergraduate courses. 

A. Objective: 

The College library is meant to achieve the under listed objectives: 

i. To meet the needs of the courses taught in the College 

ii. To encourage students to carry out independent studies beyond the confines of their individual courses.

 iii. To stock reading materials for the benefits of the students and staff. 

iv. To facilitate research activities among the staff and students, v. To promote reading habit in the College community. 

B. Collections

 i. The library stocks wide range of text books, journals, magazines, etc in order to cope with increasing information needs of both staff and students. The total collection presently is about 50,000 volumes. The bulk of the collection is in English, but there are also collections in Hausa, Fulfulde, and French etc. Similarly the Library has about 3,225 volumes of journals drawn from different courses taught in the College. 

ii. The Usable Floor Area of the library is 3,010 sq metres with 290 sitting capacity. In addition to this, a when completed the new library alone will accommodate over 300 students. The collections are classified by the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. There is author and subject catalogue.

 iii. The library has Research Unit which is exclusively for the staff. But students can have access to the materials on request from the staff in counter (lending table). Researchers can also get final year projects (for both NCE and Undergraduate in the reserve Unit within the library. Equally there are masters and Ph D theses in various subject disciplines that staff and students can get access to them on demand. 

C. Operating Hours 

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 9.00pm

 Friday 9:00 am – 1.00pm 

Saturday 10:00 am – 9.00noon 

During Vacation Monday – 

Thursday 9:00 am – 4.00pm 

Friday 9:00 am – 1.00pm 

D. Library Registration 

No person is allowed using the library until he/she has registered with the library. All library users are to register annually at the beginning of every session. To achieve registration formalities of the Library, every prospective library user must fulfill the conditions stated


i) Submission of admission letter and evidence of registration in the College for screening (in case of a fresh student),

 ii) Submission of appointment letter and I D Card (in case of a new staff). 

iii) Presentation of evidence of the session’s registration and the College.

 iv) ID Card (in case of a returning student or an old staff) v) Submission of the duly completed membership forms. 

vi) Collection of the library ID Card and borrowing tickets. Note: 

a) The Library I D card is very important and any registered user who fails to carry his/her library I D card shall not be allowed to enter library.

 b) All library users must produce their borrowing tickets before they can borrow any material in the library. 

E. How to Borrow Books In line with the College policy, the library books can be lent to any registered user on request. A Staff may be given four (4) books for a maximum duration of four (4) weeks while a student may be allowed to borrow up to two (2) books for a maximum period of two (2) weeks. 

However, all borrowing formalities must be conducted at the circulation desk. A Student or staff who wishes to borrow the library reading material must comply with the following procedure.

 i) Presentation of the borrowers’ tickets for each book he/she wants to borrow. 

ii) Books borrowed by library must be stamped with date within which they must be returned to the library.

 iii) Borrowing tickets must be returned to the users at any tune a book is returned to and accepted by the library.

 iv) Under normal circumstances, the returning books must be hi the same (good) conditions before they were borrowed. 

v) A user must return his/her borrowing tickets to the library when asked to do so. 

G. Return of Books a) It is very important for students and other library users to know that Books should be returned on or before their expiring date(s). All books loaned must be returned to the library at the end of every session.

 b) The library does not accept responsibility for loss of any borrowing ticket or a borrowed book by its user. As a courtesy, the library usually sands to an individual defaulter, a written reminder notice of late return of book(s), in the form of overdue. Failure by a defaulter to honour the reminder notice shall attract the College penalty as indicated below. 

c) Consequently according to the College rules, the under listed penalties of fines’ shall be imposed against any person that commits the library offences such as ” overdue of borrowed book(s)”, “damaged to book(s)” or “loss of books” in the following


 i) Overdue offence attracts a minimum charge of N5: 00 per day per book for a staff, N3:00 for an undergraduate student and N2:00 for an NCE student, 

ii) Damage of a Book: Any book damaged must be replaced or repaired by the borrower as specified by the Chief Librarian 

iii) Loss of book: Loss of any book is to be replaced or pay twice the estimated price value of the book. 

H. Rules and Regulations

 i) While in the library, readers are expected to maintain silence and avoid making any movement that is capable of causing disturbance(s) to other readers.

 ii) A reader should avoid eating, drinking or smoking in the library 

iii) Reading materials in the reference section are not allowed for borrowing except by due permission of the Chief Librarian before hand. iv) Readers must return books to the library on or before the date it is supposed to be returned. v) Under age Children (i.e. those of eight (8) years old or below) are not allowed into the library. vi) Stealing of any Library property attracts severe disciplinary action by the College. 

vii) Fighting or assault or nuisance by a user, in any form is strictly prohibited in the library. viii) Every reader must surrender all books in his/her possession to the security in the counter for checking before moving out of the library.

 ix) Any personal belonging of a reader is not allowed inside library and in case of loss of such property, the College does not take the responsibility. 

x) Readers must produce their library ID cards before they can be allowed into the library. 

xi) If any user fails to return his/her borrowed book(s) within the stipulated time, the Chief Librarian shall take appropriate measures against him/her. 

xii) A user who violates any of the above stated rules governing the library shall face appropriate disciplinary action of the College. 

xiii) The Chief Librarian has the authority to take interim action against a violator of the library rules and regulations. I. Binding There is binding unit attached to the library. It is the responsibility of the unit to redeem all the damaged materials in the library.