Brief History

The Languages Division of the college was created in April, 1978, as a result of the reconstitution of the institution into college of education. It then had English, Arabic, Hausa and French Departments.

The School now comprises Arabic, Nigerian languages, English, French and Fulfulde departments.  The school has a well equipped Language Laboratory.


The School has successfully conducted seminars and workshops at school and Departmental levels. Members of staff of the school have been sponsored to undergo further studies and attend seminars, workshops and conferences outside the college.


Language is very central in communication among human societies. In teaching and learning situation, teacher’s competence and credibility are measured by his ability to use language in communicating ideas and stimulating learning. Subsequently, child’s mother tongue on the other hand can hardly be separated from his cultural, psychological and mental growth and development. Similarly, literature of any language can help in developing people’s social, political, cultural etc aspects.


The goals for teaching N.C.E. Languages and literatures are to:

  • Prepare students to perform competently in spoken and written forms of their chosen languages.
  • Expose them to the literature of their chosen language.
  • Prepare them as competent teachers of their chosen languages and literatures in primary and junior secondary schools.
  • Prepare them for further studies in their language.


The objectives for teaching languages and literatures are to:

  • Help student-teachers acquire spoken and written competence in their chosen languages.
  • Acquaint student teachers with the socio-political and cultural lives of the speakers of the language, with a view to promoting international understanding.
  • Prepare the student-teachers for the task of teaching their language of choice at the primary and junior secondary school levels.
  • To enable student use the language as a medium of instruction.
  • To enable student appreciate the dynamic nature of language.

Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Admission requirements are the same to all the four departments and one unit of school.

Admission Requirements

  • SSCE, NECO or GCE “O” Level with passes in 5 subjects including the language of choice, three of which must be at credit level at one sitting or four credits at two sittings. Two of the credits must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer.
  • A Grade II Teachers Certificate (TCII) or merit in three subjects, two of which must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer.
  • H.I.S. or S.I.S. from recognized institutions with a minimum of three credits/merits including the language of choice and any other subject plus at least a pass in English.

School Standing Committees

The school has the following standing committees:

  • Seminars and workshop committee: It has representatives from each department under chairmanship of the Dean.
  • Promotion committee comprising Heads of the departments with the Dean as the chairman.
  • School Academic Planning Committee, with the Dean as chairman, Heads of the Departments as members and with the School Examination Coordinator as a member, H.O.D. English serves as secretary. (i) School Board of Studies comprising the Dean as the chairman, all Heads of Departments as members with the Examinations Coordinator as the secretary.

List of Departments