Beneficiaries of Institutional Based Research Sponsored by TETFund

S/No Dept. Name(s) Topic Main Objective Significance Place Cost  
  Agric Dr. Salihu Dandare & Dr. M.D Goshe An Analysis of Parental attitude towards private schools: Case Study of Sokoto Metropolis To identify the perceptions and feelings of parents in sokoto metropolis towards private schools. Availability of information on feelings and views of parents in sokoto metropolis towards private schools. Sokoto State N1,735,000.00  
  Fine Art Joshua KomoPani A Survey on Identification of Local Items and Production of Basic Art Materials for Effective Teaching ofCultural and Creative Art in Primary Schools in Sokoto and Kebbi States To explore and identify local items that can be useful in teaching cultural and creative art in schools Production of basic art materials through improvisation as alternatives to imported ones Sokoto and Kebbi States N1,450,100.00  
  PES Dr.Sunday J. Uhe Perception of Parents on the Introduction of Early Childhood Education and Cultural child Reading Habits: A Survey of Rural and Urban areas of Selected Local Governments in Sokoto and Kebbi States, Nigeria To develop information onchildhood education and make it accessible to parents who are ignorant on the need and importance of pre- primary school level education Comeoutwithnewstrategiesof implementingtheprogrammeand newknowledgeusefulforparents andscholarsinearlychildhood education Sokoto and Kebbi States N1,516,400.00  
  Business Education English Department of Education Abubakar Umar (SK) HajiyaRahila Abdullah Halima Maishanu Towards Enhancing the Lots of Street Children in a Poverty Ridden Society To determine the socio- economic implications of social deviant acts in a poverty-ridden society . OfferassistancetoGovernmentand societytoputmeasuresinplaceto control themenace Sokoto N 939,250.00  
  Biology Maccido Ibrahim StudiesofsomeFungalIsolates associatedwithPre-harvestRot of Tomato(Solanumescidertum) Identification of Fungal organisms associated with the Rot of Tomato Upgrading and preservation of tomato- economic value Sokoto State- three selected LGAs N657,815.00  
  Biology 1.Ibrahim A. Salau 2.Ummu Tukur 3.Yalli AbuAbdulkarim Air Mycoflora of the Residential Dwelling in Sokoto Metropolis To isolate the Fungal Pathogens that contaminates the in door air and the health risks involved Itwillhelptodeterminetheextentof pathogensandadoptcontrolmeasure Sokoto N482,700.00  
  Physics AbdulrashidYunusa Dr. Rabi Muhammad Effects of Cooperative Learning Strategy on the Achievement, Retention and Attitudes of Students in Physics in Sokoto Metropolis To Provide an indepth analysis of pretest and post-test outcomes and responses from questionnaires   Sokoto N820,675.00  
  Chemistry MalamiUsman Muhammad Sani Mohammad Determination of Nutritional and Antinutritional contents of BalanitesAegyptiaca Flowers. To determine the proximate composition of Balanitesaegyptiaca flowers Additional food dish to the people Sifawa (Sokoto State) N910,010.00  
  Biology 1.Umar Tambari 2.Abdullah A. Adamu 3.malami Usman S EffectsofleafageandHabiton NutrientcontentsoftheLeaves ofCassiatorainSudanSavannah Ecosystem ofNigeria To determine the prominate and mineral composition of the Cassia Tora   Sokoto N343,017.50  
  Chemistry 1.Malami Usman Muhammad          2.LawalAbubakar 3.Muhammad SalisuAdamu 4.Prof. S.M. Dangogo Isolation and Characterization of Steroids from the root bark of BalanitesAegyptiaca To identify, isolate and characterize the medicinal compounds in Balanitesaegyptiaca   Sokoto N944,180.00  
  Biology 1.Adamu Abdullah 2.Abdullah A. Adamu In Vitro antifungal activity of some selected plants extracts against three pathogens of rice plant To isolate fungi associated with foliar diseases of rice plant and offer suitable botanical control   Sokoto N646,255.00  
Econs Abubakar Yusuf Sanyinna The Islamic Insurance System in Nigeria: Practicability and Potential Challenges To explore the way of engaging in insurance transaction in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Shariah; To make people respect the right of one another in insurance transaction; to provide a comparative mode of operation of insurance transaction in Islam and western systems etc Availability of information on insurance operation in Islam and that of western systems Nigeria 957,000.00
Education M. J. Haruna &Abubakar Boyi Effects of Academic Self- efficacy and emotional intelligence Training on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Sokoto Metropolis To find out the effects of  academic self-efficacy and emotional training and the difference Vital information will be available that will help students to overcome their learning difficulties in relation to self-efficacy and emotional intelligence; it will help to reduce poor performance among secondary students ect. Sokoto 1,725,000.00
Biology Nasiru Ibrahim T. Relationship between Primary School Children Performance in Basic Science and Technology and Cultural and Creatve art Related Concepts: A Case of Sokoto State To find out the performance of children in BST and CCA, performances in gender and the extent of children achievement in Primary science The research will shade light on the relationship between BST achievement and that of CCA. Also it will help government and other stakeholders in education on whether to adopt the teaching of CCAornot. Sokoto State 500,000.00
Biology Aminu Umar Imam SerumLowMolecularweight Chromium+3andvitaminCin StaffandStudentsofSSCOE, Sokoto Toassesstheleveloflow molecular weight Chromium +3 and Vitamin C among diabetic students and staffofSSCOE,Sokoto, who visit UDUTH Availability of information on diabetic students and staff of SSCOE, Sokoto for attention of management Sokoto 482,700.00
Biology Sadiya Sambo Studies on Cellulose Degrading Microorganisms Associated with Rumen of Ruminant Animal Identify the Cellelose degrading ability of some ruminant Microorganism in water, identify and characterized microorganisms from ruminant, cow, ram and goat) etc Theresearchwillhelpinconversion ofwastefromrumenofruminantto wealth. Sokoto 400,000.00
Computer Yahaya Isah Shehu Empirical Evaluation of the effectiveness of using Search- based algorithm to Educational Software error predictions To investigate the application of Search base Software Engineering to educational software projects, find out the accuracy of modern educational Software being used in our curriculum Softwarethatwillbeusedbyboth teachersandstudentsineducation will bedeveloped Sokoto 761,950.00
Islamic Studies Nigerian Languages Social Studies Education   IslamicStudies Dr.KasimuA. LoloHadiza S.Koko   Ahmad AbubakarBashiruM. LimanAliyuAbdullah An Investigation into the Challenges of Widows and Divorcees in Sokoto metropolis: The Way Forward To identify divorcees and widows in Sokoto, causes of high rate of divorce, challenges facing widows and divorcees in Sokoto metropolis and find solutions to some of these challenges Documentation of the challenges of widows and divorcees and how to addressthem;Enhancementofpeace andsecurityinSokotoandthenation atlarge; Sokoto 787,500.00
Adult & Special Education     Technical Educartion LawalGarba Samaru       Muhammad Nasir Adamu Sokoto Metropolitan Transportation System and Its Effects on Students’ School Attendance To identify Sokoto Metropolitan Transportation System and its impact on students school attendance; find out ways to ease traffic congestion as it affects students’ promptness to school, reduce cases of accident involving students Enhancement high attendance rate in schools and minimizing the rate of students that are involved in accidents. Sokoto 844,500.00
Agric. Sc Dangaladima WadataAhmedRufa’I Yahaya Assessment of Soil and Water Quality of Goronyo Irrigation Project with Respect to their Suitability for Irrigation Farming Identifylevelofselected nutrientsinthesoilofthe Scheme and their variability in different locations; determine the chemicalqualityofthe water used for irrigation Soil richness or otherwise will be availableforguidancetogovernment aswellasindividualsforholisticuse ofsoil Goronyo 580,800.00
Educational Psychology History Dr. I. AbdulmalikY.Y.Dagana A Study of Completion Challenges Against Female Students in Selected Schools in Sokoto State, Nigeria To identify the main sources of completion challenges against girl- child education and its trends in rural and urban, public and private schools in Sokoto State; provide government, indiduuals and stakeholders with sources of completion challenges against female students etc Availabilityofrichinformationand knowledgeforeasyformationof relevant and result-orientedpolicies -Highdropoutrateoffemalestudents atschoolwillbeminimized Sokoto state 700,000.00
Agric Sc. MurtalaBawaSharu &Dr.U.M.Sokoto Semi-detailed Soil Survey of Bodinga District, Sokoto State To produce a generalized soil map of Bodinga District Assess the morphological, physical and chemical properties of the soil and classify the soil according to international standard of soil classification Availability of information on varioussoilclasseswhichwillserve asguideforusageinfuture. Bodinga District 520,000.00
Integrated Sc. Bello M. Wada Spatial Analysis of the Distribution of High-Order Functions in Sokoto Metropolis To identify areas that perform high-order functions of the central place; the extent of functionality of the identified areas; determine the scale of accessibility to goods and services provided by high-order functions of the cemtral place in Sokoto etc. Usefultogovernment,townplanners andresearchers Sokoto Metropolis 677,000.00
Agric. Sc Hassana Yahaya Isa Effects of Defoliation and Clove Size on Growth and Yield of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) in Sokoto To identify the effects of defoliation and clove size on the growth and yield of garlic Provisionofincomegeneralforthe populace and information of the medicinalusesofgarlic Sokoto 401,000.00
Geography Abdullah MuhammadHauwa’uBello D/DajiZainabSambo GidadawaAisha Muhammad An assessment of Maternal and Child Health Care Services Provided by Public Health Institutions in Sokoto Metropolis To assess the standard of maternal and child health care services in Sokoto State; find out the number of maternal and child health services available; ratio of medical health personnel to a population and the accessibility etc. Availability of information on number of maternal and child care health facilities to government Sokoto Metropolis 441,000.00
Agric Sc. Zainab Ibrahim GaladimaDr.BalarabeI. Yusuf Assessment of Women Participation in Urban AgricultureanditsImpacton HouseholdFoodSecurityin North-westernNigeria Identify the extent of women participation in Urban agriculture for food security; socio- economic characteristics of women in urban agriculture; types of agricultural activities carried out by women, factors influencing women participation in urban agriculture etc. Guidegovernmentandstakeholders inmakingpoliciesonagriculturethat willincludeallcitizensirrespective ofgender. North-western Nigeria 639,000.00
1. Agric Sc & Educ Dr. Salihu D. D/Daji (Lead Researcher) & Dr. Muhammad D. Goshe (Co. Researcher) QualityAssuranceanditsimpact on the Performance of Primary SchoolPupilsinSokotoState, Nigeria To determine the Impact of quality assurance activities on pupils’ performance in primary schools in Sokoto State Availability of impact of quality assurance on the performance of primary pupils to relvant government organizations at both federal and state levels Sokoto State 1,650,000.00  
2. ECCE Dr Muhammad W. Hakimi (Lead Researcher), Asma’u Muhammad Bashar & Zara’u Usman Liman AnAnalysisoftheInfluenceof Early Child Care Education on the Academic Performance of PrimarySchoolpupilsinSokoto State to Determine the performance of Primary school Pupils who attended Early Child Care Education (Nursery) and those who have not attended) Itwouldbringtolighttheadvantages ofEarlyChildCareEducationand other relevantinformation Sokoto State 850,000.00  
3. Education A. D. Sulaiman (Mrs) Leade Researcher) & Muhammad Magaji (Co.researcher) Clinical Supervision and its effectsonthequalityofteaching inSecondarySchoolsinSokoto State To find out the effects of clinical supervision on the quality of teaching in Secondary schools Availability of ways and information on how to enhance quality teaching in Secondary Schools Sokoto State 803,000.00  
4. Agric Sc. Salihu Umar Ibrahim (Lead Research) & Ibrahim Abdullah Yabo Enhamcement of Pearl Millet Yield via Poultry manure amendment using micro-dosing Technique To determine the enhancement of Pearl Millet yield via poultry manure amendment using micro-dosing technique   Sokoto 950,000.00  
5. Physics Aminu Shehu (Lead Researcher) & Bashir Abubakar (Co;researcher) ConversionofPulpofCassia Arereh(Marga)toBio-oilUsing Pryosis To generate Prrolysis Bio oil from the pulp of Cassia arereh at different temperatures Provision of alternative source of energytofoosilandthepotentiality ofCassiaArerehtobeanenergy crop. Sokoto 769,667.00  
6. Education Lami Sulaiman (Lead Researcher) & Abubakaar Bala Assessment of School Plant Management as a strategy for enhancing school effectiveness in senior secondary schools in Sokotto to investigate how school management can enhance school effectiveness in senior secondary schools Comeoutwithstrategiesthatcan minimise theobstacles Sokoto 850,000.00  
7. Bus. Edu Muhammada Bingel Garba Impact Assessment of Sokoto state Youth Development Programms to assess the impact of youth development programs on youth in Sokoto State availability of information on the strengthandweaknessoftheyouth development Sokoto 785,000.00  
8. Biology Ibrahim A. Salau (Lead Researcher) Molecular and Biochemical chracterization mycotozins contermination plant products in Sokoto State To investigate molecular and biochemical charaterization of mycotozin contermination plant (Groundnut cakes, groundnut candy, groundnut oil and roasted groundnut) Provision of baseline data that can provide useful information on principles for evacuating mycotozin exposure and inherent problems associated with it Sokoto State 1,136,200.00  
9. Biology Mrs. Yalli Abu Abdulkarim & Dr. Nasiru I. Tambuwal Identification of Bacteria on bodysurfaceofcockroachesand housefliesinsomehomeswithin SoktoMetropolis To identify common bacteria on body surfaces of of cockroaches and houseflies Provisionofadequateinformationon bacteria that are commonon body surfaces of cockroaches and housefliesinSokotosoastocurtail orminimizespreadofdiseases Sokoto 455,500.00  
10. Agric. Sc Aliyu Lawal Sokoto & Malami Daniya, S Yied and Yield Components of Cowpea(Vignaunguiculata…L walp) as influenced by Sokotto Rock Phosphate Levels and placementmethodsinthesemi- Arid Zone ofNigeria To determine the effects of Sokoto Rock Phosphate levels and placement on Yield and Yield components of cowpea varieties   Sokoto 690,000.00  
11. Chem. Usman Abdulmumin & Alh. Umaru Muhammad Separation andCharacterization of Polycylic Aromatic Gydrocarbons from Lubricating oils to develop a novel method of isolation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum products To enhance environmental safety through proper treatment and disposal procedures Sokoto 593,750.00  
12. Home Econs Mrs.MarthaJoshuaMarsara ( Lead Researcher, Laraba Bello Siddique (Co.ReseracherandBintaB. Malik (Co.Reseracher) AnInvestigationintothecauses andEffectsofLowEnrollment in Home Econmocis in Shehu ShagariCollegeofEducation, Sokoto Identify the root causes of low enrollment in Home Economics Programme in SSCOE and how to minimize it Availability of information on the causes of the low enrolment to stakeholdersandstrategiesthatcould be followed to enhance increase enrolment Sokoto 462,000.00  
13. Maths Muhammad Babuga Binji (Lead Researcher) & Zainab Garba Umar (Mrs) ComparativeAnalysisofthe EffectsofEntryRequirements on the Academic Performaance of Mathematics students in between Federal and State CollegesofEducationinNorth- westernNigeria To investigate the degree of relationship between students’ minimum entry requirements and their final academic performance in the NCE Mathematics Help Parents and other stkeholders understand that entry requirements are neither a criterion nor a disadvantage to any student’s academic performance Sokoto 600,000.00  
14. Biology Abdullahi Alhaji Adamu Adaptability and Bioenergy Potentials of Swithgrass (Panicum Virgatum….L) Grown in Sokoto To investigate the adaptability and bioenergy potentials of switch grass in Sokoto Provision of Alternative source of energy Sokoto 600,000.00  
15. Islamic Studies Tambari Sidi Yusuf (Lead Researcher),Bello Abu bakar (Co. Researcher) and Murtala Hussaini Shagari (Co.Researcher) The Impact of the Writings of Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Fodiyo on Character purification in orthern Nigeria To investigate the role of the writings of Sheikh Abdullah Fodiyo in moulding social behaviour of youth in Northern Nigeria proffersolutionstosocialandmoral decadenceinnorthernNigeria Northern Nigeria 587,250.00  
16. Chem. U. A. Rahman (Lead Researcher) and Sani Muhammad (Co.Researcher) Qualitative and Quantitative determination of Metal Cations in Chromite from Tsafe, Zamfara State Qualitaive and quantative analysis of Chromite (Chromium ore) as a requisite to extraction of chromiuim for industrial purposes   Tsafe, Zamfara State 963,900  
17. Biology Umar Tambari (Lead Researcher) & Abubakar Shehu Effect of Season and Leaf-age on Foliar Nutritional composition of Faiherbia albita (del.) A. Chev. In Sudan Savannag of Nigeria To determine the proximate and minerals composition of young, matured and mixed leaves of F. albita as influenced by Season and stage of leaf-age in North-Western Nigeria   North-western Nigeria 866,550.00  
18. Biology Maccido Ibrahim Effect of Fungal Infestation on Nutritional composition of Sun- dried (Solanum iyacopersicum Mill) Tomato Slices in Storage tocarryoutadiagnostic survey on fingi associated with sun-dried tomato slicestorage Availability of information on the typeoffungiassociatedwithsun- driedtomatoslicesinatorage Sokoto 765,800.00  
19. Chem. Malami Usman Muhammad Determination of Nutritional and Phytochemical Composition of Gardenla Sokotensis To determine the nutritional, anti- nutritional and phytochemical contents of Gardenia Sokotensis seeds. Availability of information on the nutritionalandmedicinalvalueof GardeniaSokotensis Sokoto 890,000.00  
20. Chem. Lawal Abubakar (Lead Researcher & Hadiza Adamu Kwazo (Co.Researcher) Extration and Production of Pharmaceutical Grade Starch from Manihot esculenta (Cassava) To develop and produce Pharmaceutical grade starches from manihot esculenta Availability of high grade pharmaceutical starches in the country, bosting the pharmaceuticalindustry and job creation. Sokoto 770,000.00  
21. Biology & Chem Basiru Liman (lead Researcher) & Adili Aliyu Comparative effects of Leaf Extracts of Khaya senegalansis, Carica papaya and Psidium guajava on Root Knot Nematodes of Tomato To test and compare the efficacy of khaya senegalansis, carica papaya and psidium guajava on root-knot nematodes of tomato Itservesasanalternativemethodof nematode control to farmers and saferandcheaperwayoftomato plant diseasemanagement Sokoto 683,600.00  
22. Chem. Muhammad Salisu Adamu (Lead Researcher) & Mustapha Musa Phytochemical Screening and Determination of Antimicrobial Activity of Turmetric Roots (Curcuma longa To investigate the medicinal potential of turmeric root extracts (curcuma longa enhancing treatment of different diseases sokoto 605,600.00  
23. Geog, Muhammad Mansur Aliyu (Lead Researcher, Abubakar Attahiru, Abdullah Usman Budah & Bashar Mukhtar Gatawa AnalysisofLanduseandLand coverchangeDetectionandits impactontheEnvironmentof WurnotownofSokotoState Examine land use and land cover changes in Wurno town over time for sustainable development Evolving ways of environmental degradation and pollution control Wurno 800,000.00  
24. Maths Zubairu Abdul & Abdullah Muhammad Sokoto Biological Sequence Analysis Using Switching Function and Angebraic Approach To generate a mathematical model for biological processes like genetic code (codons)   Sokoto 800,000.00  
25. Chem. Muhammad Bello Biochemical Engineering Potential of Microalgae as FeedstockforfoodandFuel Production To investigate the fatty acid profiles, proteins, carbohydrates and lipid content of freshwater microalgae Provides alternative source of cheap energy Sokoto 695,000.00  
1 Isah Abubakar Idris Econs Impact of Child Labour on Children’s Access to Primary Education in Sokoto State Identify the extent of household demand for child labour in Sokoto and how they affect a child’s access to education Availability of Statistics on Child Labour in Sokoto State 1 Year 756,000.00  
2 Malami Usman Muhammad Lead Researcher and Bashar Hadi AbdullahCO            – Researcher Chem Catalytic Conversion of Rice Residue into Bio-oil Proximate the mineral contentofriceresidue, identifytheBio-oiland bio-charofriceresidue Aditional option for transport fuel and enhancement of agricultural developmnet 1 Year 787,000.00  
3 Abubakar Aminu Boyi (Lead researcher and Abubakar Sani Kebbe Co- Researcher SOS and GSE An Assessment of the State of secondary Education in Sokoto State, 2006 to 2015.” To identify quality of manpower and availability of insfrastructures in secondary schools in Sokoto state   1 Year 588,000.00  
4 Dantuni Danmalam(Lead Researcher and Bello M. Wada Co- Researcher Geog & Integrtaed Sc. Application of Geo-informatics in Appraising the Implementation of the Sokoto Master Plan in Sokoto metropolis” Verify the degree of compliance with the Master Plan and identify and assess the changes that ocuured at various classes Availabillity of Up to date Plan for easy implementation by Sokoto Urban and Regional Planning Board 1 Year 705,000.00  
5 Dr. Umar M. Sokoto (Lead Researcher) Musa Aliyu (CO- Researcher) Agric. Sc EffectsofSeedProvenanceon Field Emergence and Seedling GrowthofPhysicNut(Jatropha curcas)inSokotoState,Nigeria Identify the Effects of Seed Provenance Jatropha curcas in respect of seedling emergence and growth Availability of information on differentseedaccessionofPhysic Nut inSokoto 6 months 687,000.00  
6 Idoko, E. C (Lead Researcher) and Nura Alhaji Acida, CO-Researcher Agric. Sc EvaluationofFadamaSoilsin WamakkoDistrictofSokoto To assess lands in Wamakko District and state their uses Locationofareasthatwillhavehigh yield in riceproduction 1 Year 690,000.00  
7 Rabiu Ahmad Sambo (Lead Researcher and Yusuf Kawujo Fulfulde The morphological Process of Fulfulde Language Identify how Morphological uses in Fulfulde Encourage the study of Fulfulde 1 Year 526,000.00  
8 Mrs. F. I. Bakori (Lead researcher) and Nasiru Modi (Co-Researcher) Adult Ed AnInvestigationintotheRoleof ICT in Promoting Adult Education in Some selected LGAsofSokotoState Identify the extent of availability of ICT in Adult Education Centres, find out the degree of their uses and identify the benefits derive from them enhanceKnowledgeofICTinAdult educationCentres 1 Year 778,000.00  
9 Dr. Abubakar Muhammad Bodinga (Lead Researcher, Aminu Malami, (Co- researcher) and Lawali Muhammad (Co-researche) Islamic Studies AnInvestigationontheRoleof Zakat Endowment in Poverty Alleviation and Economic GrowthandDevelopmentof People in the Selected Local Government Areas of Sokoto State”. identify causes of poverty and show how Zakat can alleviate them, identify the role of the endownment in poverty alleviation in the State availabilityofwaysinwhichZakat endownmentcanbeusedtoharness various forms of economic developmentintheState 1 Year 837,952.00  
10 Mrs Olufunke A. Oke (lead Researcher) and Mrs Riskat Muhammad (Co-researcher) Educ Assessing the Effects of Global system Mobile Phones (GSM) on the Educational Development of Students in Some Selected Colleges of Education in North- western Nigeria” Determine the uses of GSM Communication by students, find out the contribution GSM in encouraging Learning and the negative impacts it has on students learning availability of information on learningresourcesthatcanbe secured fromGSM 7 months 964,000.00  
11 Gandi M. asara (Lead Researcher), Shehu Aliyu Jabo, (co-researcher), Yus uf Ladan sanyinna,(Co         – Researcher) and Fatima A. Bagudo (Co-Researcher) Nigerian Languages The Study of Folktales and Collection of Hausa Tales for Documentation To preserve the fast- dying oral literatiture of Hausa People and expose Hausa students to theory and practice the art of crative writing of stories availability of documented hausa taleswhichcanbepreservedand circulated tostakeholders 8 months 660,000.00  
12 Ibrahim Abdullah Shuni, (Lead Researcher)and Salmanu M. Gayari (Co-researcher) Chem Biodiesel Production with a High Content of Free Fatty Acids and Fuel Properties”. To optimize the production of Biodiesel from waste palm oil seeds and characterize its fuel properties Increase agricultural potentials of palmtrees,providenceofalternative fuel 18 Months 741,367.00  
13 YahayaMuhammad Yabo (Lead researcher)andBello Magaji Tambuwal (Co-Researcher) Technical Ed EffectsofThermalTreatmenton the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Iroko (Milicia Excels) wood”. Determine thethe effect of heat treatment processing parameters on the physical properties of Iroko wood Improvethequalityofwoodfor localandexportpurposes 8 months 815,000.00  
14 Dr. M.O.Fabunmi, (LeadResearcher), Nura Bello (Co- Researcher), Bashar Maccido (CO- Researcher)and Jamilu Adamu,(Co- Researcher) History AStudyofArchaeological Formation of Gongonoand ZangoIronSmeltingSitesin Sokoto:AMeansof Reconstructing Nigerian Technological Base To understand natureof archeological settingsin the sites, examine the impact of iron on the people, help to promote awareness of culture among people of Nigeria etc Availabilityofguidelinesfor designers, policy makersand implentaion of technological policies 1 Year 1,258,000.00  
15 Abubakar Usman Kokoshe (Lead researcher,) and Sufyanu Muhammad Goshe (Co             – Researcher) Fulfulde TheLexicalDialectalVariations Between Sokoto and Adamawa Dialect of Fulfulde Language To identify the phonological variations between sokoto and Adamawa Dialects, make communication easier between Fulbe of Sokoto and Adamawa et Avaialability of ways to understand each with ease in terms of phonology,morphorlogyandsyntax 1 1/2 years 518,000.00  
16 Dr. UmarTambari (LeadResearcher, Armiya’u M. Aminu (Co-Researcher,and Abubakar Shehu (Co-Reseracher). Biology Influence of Session and Leaf Deveolpment on Nutrient compositions of Darkia Biglobosa(Jacq)R.Br.ExG. DonINSUDANO-SAHELIAN Ecosystem of Nigria Tofindouttheproximate and mineralcomposition of young, matured and mixed leaves of P. biglobosa increase animal production and savannasoilfertilizationthroughfrsh and dry leaves 1 Year 761,510.00